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If there is anything that we learned in 2020, having an online presence for your business isn't negotiable ... it's a must for 2021 and beyond. Just think about what you do online. There's a good chance that you communicate, study, work, search for places to go and of course, shop online. Over 2 billion customers worldwide are expected to buy products and services online this year. If you aren't online, it's much more difficult for your customers to find you. Having your own website on the internet makes it much easier for both you and your customer to work together.

The idea of putting your business online might sound a bit overwhelming. Unless you are a web developer, just learning the difference between a shopping cart, buy now buttons, a CMS or the dozens of site builders available is enough to stop most small business owners in their tracks. Luckily for you though you don't need to learn the differences or go back to school to learn how to code. Whether you're tech-savvy or not, the Any Payment Solutions (APS) Ecommerce system is an easy way to create an e-commerce website all by yourself.

What is an E-commerce Website?
An e-commerce website is a website that allows you to sell your products or services over the Internet. Your ecommerce website, also known as your web store, allows your customers to add items to a shopping cart, customize their order (if applicable), enter their payment details and purchase your product or service.

How Do I Create an E-Commerce Website?
You could always hire a web developer, like those at to create an e-commerce website for you or you could research the many content management system platforms or site builders available and use one of those. Of course we think the best option is to sign up with Any Payment Solutions and take advantage of our amazing Ecommerce system! As soon as you sign up you get access to our easy-to-use online platform, that comes with a website and our built-in online webstore right away. You don't need any prior web development experience, nor do you need to know how to code at all! You simply login, add your products, your business information, connect your payment processor and BAM! You're ready to go!

Already have a website and just looking for a way to add an Ecommerce webstore to it? No problem! With our Ecommerce platform, you can create your webstore and then embed it directly into your website. Whether you are using the MyBizNow DIY Site Builder, Wix, WordPress, Weebly, or a website built with any other site builder, CMS or platform, our ecommerce platform will plug right in.

What about cost?
If you are hiring a web developer to code your Ecommerce website from scratch, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$250 per hour to build your online store. For large corporations that need a complex, customized Ecommerce solution, that might be the best option. If you run a small business or have a side hustle or hobby however, we recommend our Ecommerce platform. With plans as low as $25 per month, anyone can get their business up and online.

Is there a trial?
Yes and no. We don't give you 7 days to try and build your webstore before forcing you to make a decision to keep going or cancel, which to us is a "trial". Instead, when you sign up with Any Payment Solutions, you can login and create your entire store at no charge and have access forever! That's right - NO CHARGE AT ALL and no deadlines before you are locked out. You don't even need to enter a credit card when creating your account. Your website and ecommerce platform are free to setup no matter which pricing plan you choose. So what do you have to lose?

There is no risk to get started.
Since you aren't adding your credit card information to create your account, if you decide not to use the platform, you simply stop using it. No cancelling your account before a certain date and then waiting for a refund for funds you had to pay when you signed up. We only ask that you submit payment once you're ready to make your store live and start accepting online payments from your customers.

When you create your account, you get your own website and shopping cart. The platform is fully hosted, secured and maintained by Any Payment Solutions and is accessible at no cost.

Is the website hard to build or maintain?
Not at all! Our customers tell us they have setup their stores in less than an hour and been ready to go!

So what do I get with the Any Payment Solutions Ecommerce platform? 
Our website platform provides you with a customizable one-page website that looks great on any device including a computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition, the website, has a built-in online store that will allow you to start selling your products and services right away. The website system includes:

  • Customizable & professional design themes
  • Customizable content blocks to create your own unique website
  • A responsive design that looks great on any device
  • An easy to use platform that allows you to edit and update your site as often as you'd like .... no coding required!
  • You can use your own domain name for your store, or create a custom subdomain instead.
  • Both of our Silver and Gold packages also come with unlimited email addresses at too!
  • and so much more!

Using our Any Payment Solutions ecommerce platform, you will leave a great first impression with your customers from the very first time they visit your website.

Is this solution really best for me?
Our online ecommerce platform is a perfect fit for you if:

  • You are planning on opening a business and want to start selling online as fast as possible.
  • You've just opened your business and need to start selling your products and services online asap
  • You run a non-profit organization, booster club or parent group that needs a way to sell tickets, accept donations, sell products or services online as quickly as possible, and without any long term commitment or big upfront investment.

We know what you're thinking! "It sounds great but unless I see it, I can't believe that it's that easy." You know what? We agree which is why we encourage you to create your FREE account and start looking around. Once you've logged in, we know you'll be blown away by all of the amazing features! We also know there's a chance you'll have some questions, which is why we offer you plenty of ways to reach out for assistance. Oh and there's no charge for training or tech support either!

So what are you waiting for? Click the button below and let's do this!

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